The Academy

This is the place you need to be if you want to learn and grow!

My Bath Bakery Academy offers two primary sources of information:
1. Education and Training on how to operate the best Kids Spa Business ever!
2. Pro-Answers to the questions Teens/Tweens have to help them become beautiful from the inside out!

Stop by often as we educate, motivate & inspire you to Fab-ness!



What is an Edu-BAKE-tion?

An Edu-BAKE-tion is the process of giving instruction and training to prepare spa owners for work in the area of Children. My Bath Bakery Academy is the place where you can achieve this.

We’re here to provide you with the tools you’ll need for your wholesale mobile and storefront needs, in addition to spa party planning. In this department, we’ve set up Tips, Treats & Tutorials to further your “Edu-BAKE-tion”, and help you do more of the following:

1. Provide the most delicious Spa Treatments ever!
2. Develop and grow your Children’s Day Spa, Mobile Spa or Salon Business.
3. Provide information designed to help you to get and retain clients. And more…..

Bath Beauty Girls 

My Bath Bakery, LLC is more than just selling products. We want to service the needs of the “whole girl!” We hope that the products and materials we provide will help you cater to the needs of girls in the areas of beauty and self-awareness. We want to do our part in helping them emerge as confident, educated & informed young ladies because that’s the definition of a true “Bath Beauty!” So learn all you can from us so that within the next spa party event you host you’ll be able to treat Bath Beauties like the diamonds they are!

Qualities of a Bath Beauty:
– Self-Assured
– She’s Confident
– She’s Educated
– She’s Goal-Oriented
– She knows where she wants to go, just needs a little help getting there.