Start Me Up Plan

Hi Bath Bakers!

At My Bath Bakery we Love Start-ups. We Start with You, and Stay with You!

See a large ticket item you want, but don’t quite have the money yet.
Use our “Start Me Up Plan.” It’s the plan designed to help Start Up Businesses get what they need, by making payments as they go. Just send us an email requesting approval for the plan and the items that you want. Once approved, we will send you an invoice where you can make payments at you leisure.


Program Rules:
*Initial deposit must be made with the first 1-2 days of receiving the invoice or the order will be cancelled.
*Invoice must be paid in full within 60 days of first installment.
*All payments are considered to be deposits towards your purchase. Deposits are non-refundable. A credit may be issued.
*We will begin fulfilling your order once the payment has been made in full. Normal production time will begin at that date.
*Some exclusions apply.
*We reserve the right to cancel or suspend an order at any time.

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Yummy Wishes Bath Bakers!