Spa Business Coaching


Starting a Spa Business for Kids can be challenging.

During this time we will be completing an assessment of your needs at the level that you’re on. After this assessment is complete we will set you up with one of our Spa Business Coaches to guide you through this level and discuss further payment options.

There are lots of questions you may have about how much product to order, how to get help with your spa theme, how to set up your spa menu, and more. It can sometimes be overwhelming, but it’s time to focus!  My Bath Bakery, LLC is committed to taking you through the steps you need to go from Concept to Completion.

We’re here to guide you along as you move through your journey of becoming a master in running your own Kids Spa Business. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in it for a while, we all can use some coaching. Secure your time for mentoring and coaching TODAY!



♥ Times are CST. Central Standard Time.

♥ Our Spa Business Coaching Program is provided to meet you wherever you are in the process.

Session will:
* Finding out where you are and where you want to be
* What do you have vs. what you need
* Developing a game plan to get you to your goals

Here’s How to Set-up your Coaching Assessment with Kimberly:
* Make your payment online.
* Send us an email letting us know when you’ll be available. We’ll be in touch.

♥ Coaching Sessions are 60 minutes each.