Bake Shop Stations!

Hi Bath Bakers!

 Coming in February: Bake Shop Stations

After years of asking for it, we’ve designed a line of “Bake Shop Stations” for you and your clients YAY!! We’ll be rolling out the first line in the month of February  and will begin with offering the 43oz options. This will also be the PERFECT size for our Mobile Spa Business to carry around to spa parties. They’ll look GREAT in your Spas and Salons, adding on that perfect touch of glam that every shop needs.

Larger sizes will be coming very soon thereafter. Bake Shop Stations will include:
Make your own Sugar Scrubs
Make your own Lip Gloss
Make your own Banana Split Scrub
Make your own Ice Cream Bubble Bath
And more…….

It’s the perfect activity to add to your product line that allows kids to make their own products to take home.
Look for it in January!

OK that’s it for now. Now be a good Belle and share this with your friends 🙂