Add-on’s Page

New Add-on Department

We’re constantly looking for ways for you to make extra money for your Salon/Spa. So our virtual assistant, Bia The Beignet suggested we incorporate an “Add-on Page” YAY!

Add-on’s are basically upcharge items (or garnish items as we like to call it around the Bakery). These are items you can charge anywhere from $3.50 to $ 5.00 per use to add on to your Spa Service.

How does it work?:
For example, when you’re charging for a mani/pedi, you charge your regular fee then ask your clients if they would like to add on Buttermilk Drops to their bowl. Tell them it’ll be squishy fun to play with while they soak. Tell them they’re scented and feel amazing (because they actually do). When they say yes, just add on an extra $3.50 per scoop. DONE AND DONE.

Thanks Bia for that idea! She’s ALWAYS finding ways for you guys to make money!

TTYL Honey!
Mrs. Suga Batter